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British Society of Criminology
RV University
University of East London

International Conference on Global Criminology and Victimology 2024


Organised by

RV University

In Collaboration with 

The University of East London


The Critical Criminology Network of the British Society of Criminology 

Conference Main Theme: Global Alliances in Indian Criminology and Victimology: Towards Building a Resilient Framework for Crime and Justice

Venue: RV University, Bengaluru, India

Dates: 07-10 August 2024

About ICGCV 2024

The International Conference on Global Criminology and Victimology (ICGCV) - 2024 is a multidisciplinary event that unites scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and experts from across the globe to deliberate and exchange ideas on various facets of crime, victimisation, and justice systems globally. This conference seeks to revitalise core principles by reflecting on the foundational pillars of criminology and victimology, ensuring their relevance and adaptability to contemporary Indian society. The significance of this conference is immense - to safeguard and reinforce criminology and victimology as essential disciplines within India's academic and law enforcement realms. Our vision extends beyond borders as we aim for international collaborations that influence and inspire students and research scholars worldwide. The conference provides a platform for researchers and professionals to present their latest findings, share insights, and engage in meaningful discussions that contribute to advancing knowledge and practices in the field.


Who can participate in ICGCV 2024?

The International Conference on Global Criminology and Victimology warmly welcomes academicians, researchers, practitioners, professionals, and students involved in the fields of criminology, victimology, and criminal justice, as well as those with a keen interest in these disciplines. This conference serves as a valuable platform for fostering robust discussions and the exchange of innovative ideas. With its central theme of 'Global Alliances in Indian Criminology and Victimology,' we are excited to host eight esteemed international speakers who will address various topics at the conference. We anticipate a significant number of participants, which will create excellent opportunities for networking, engaging discussions, and productive collaborations for students and academics.







Like-minded Participants

Sessions & Events

Bristol University Press
Student Best Paper Awards

The Student Best Paper Awards will be presented to recognise the two most outstanding research papers submitted by students and research scholars in the fields of Criminology, Victimology, and related subjects. Submissions for this category must be from individuals aged below 30 years. Papers should present the results of empirical research studies conducted within the themes and sub-themes of the conferences over the past five years. The recipient of the first Student Best Paper Award will receive a £125 book voucher, while the second-best paper will be awarded a £75 book voucher, both sponsored by the Prestigious Bristol University Press, UK. Click here for more information

Publication Opportunities

The prestigious Bristol University Press, UK, has expressed an interest in publishing some of the best papers from the conference as an edited book volume following the conclusion of the event. Authors will receive invitations to submit their full papers shortly after the conference concludes. The conference committee will provide additional information regarding publication requirements in due course, enabling interested authors to commence work on their full papers well in advance. The selection of papers will be based on the originality and quality of the research presented at the conference, ensuring that only the most impactful contributions are showcased within the edited volume. 

ICGCV 2024 - Conference Fellowship

ICGCV 2024 is pleased to announce the fellowships for six dedicated full-time students and PhD research scholars participating in our upcoming conference. This initiative supports those facing financial constraints, enabling them to engage fully in the conference without the burden of costs.


The fellowship will cover the full conference fees and provide accommodation (on a sharing basis) for three nights. Six fellowships are available, and each two from UG, PG and PhD research scholars. This fellowship aims to motivate students and scholars, enhance their academic knowledge, and provide them with an invaluable opportunity to participate in a vibrant scholarly environment. We encourage all eligible participants to apply and benefit from this wonderful opportunity to expand their academic horizons and network with peers in their fields. Click here for more information

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